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The tablet holder Tab Puck

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A product for anyone who feels that tablets are unwieldy to grab & hold


With Tab Puck you can:

Attach the tablet to a surface (*suction cups hold 3 pounds)

– Easily hold your tablet and rotate it

Lean your tablet on the desk

Store headphones inside the Tab Puck

The price for this tablet holder is 7.15 (EUR)

You can holdgrab, attach, or rotate your tablet in optional ways depending on how you attach your Tab Puck to your unit:


This is a product of the swedish company LitterLottOrder Tab Pucks on this page!

*Although the suction cups are, by far, dimensioned to hold the weight of a tablet they are still only suction cups. Always be cautious when attaching your tablet to a vertical surface. Also, make sure the attachment is made on a smooth surface and never with a high vertical drop.

LitterLott takes no responsibility of any damages established!



Phone: +46 76 340 32 38

Address: Dalbogatan 1 N, 741 96 Knivsta Sweden


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